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Digital Marketing

MKTGabor provides audit of client's Digital Marketing presence to inform optimization and strategy, competitor deep content analysis that includes all digital channels, content creation (blog posts, short videos, articles), and social media presence audit, strategy and implementation.

Strategic Branding

From branding building blocks, to a brand resonance pyramid, to positioning statements, MKTGabor helps clients by utilizing foundations of brand management, branding concepts and strategic brand planning models to develop effective branding plans. "Branding makes rational people do irrational things."

Market Research and Analytics

MKTGabor conducts A/B testing, survey programming and dissemination, marketing research experiments, market segmentation, decision analysis, linear programming, statistical analysis & P&L analysis. More is not always better - actions must impact your bottom line.

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Innovative Vision: Understand the Finest Details; Focus on the Big Picture

At MKTGabor, we believe in first gaining a fundamental understanding of who our client is, to develop a holistic strategy that gives the greatest return given each client's unique needs. We keep our eye on both the finest details and the big picture. It's a delicate balance, but one which ensures constant alignment with our client's goals.

Empowerment: Teaching our Clients how to Fish

We believe in a continual process of learning and teaching. At MKTGabor, we focus on empowering our clients by educating them. Through this process, our clients are equipped with knowledge, tools and experience to sustain their Marketing efforts. Although, we are always just a phone call away.


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