Writing a Co-branded Article – how I got a Top-10 CEO to Contribute

I had an article to write with a tight deadline and a major challenge: I had to get 6 marketing leaders’ contributions, with 1 of them having to be at the C-suite level.

I could have easily gone the safe route and aimed low, or picked some easy options from my personal network.

However, I feel that if you’re going to do something that represents you and is out in the public, why not aim high?

So, I began a campaign of tweeting and emailing John Legere, T-Mobile CEO. My article was about using Social Media to communicate to your audience, and managing the responses they give you. John, aka Batman, is a top-10 ranked CEO and uses Social as a major tool in his business.

I began my efforts by doing some research on him, to find that in his Twitter bio, he has:


I started making Batman memes and tweeting them at him. I also @-ed every T-Mobile Twitter account I could find. Within a short time, I got a response from T-Mobile support and a very friendly lady gave me John’s email address. My efforts were now on 2 platforms simultaneously.

I shared my efforts with everyone in my network to get some shares, which was very limited. There were days where I was prolifically tweeting at him and several days where I didn’t do anything.

I came close to giving up…twice.

Along the way, I became much more grateful about positives in my life and I opened myself up to good coming back to me. I tweeted @ a few leaders in my near circle and got a reply back with a clue – a screenshot of John Legere replying to someone’s tweet.

I used the same framework for my tweet and sent it – 15 minutes later I got my reply. A video snippet of John in an interview with exactly the content that I needed to get my article rolling. Furthermore, his inclusion in the article enhances my marketing of the article, as I have a top-10 CEO who has nearly 6M Twitter followers. For a CEO, that’s actually amazing.

And that’s the story of how I got a really big fish to reply to me for an article.

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