The Omni

If you’re of a certain, unspecified age and you live in Miami, chances are you know about the Omni shopping center. By 1997, when I arrived in Miami, it was already in its death throes. A mall in downtown Miami that got beat out and beat down by newer, bigger, flashier malls in the suburbs.

Here’s a Miami Herald article that chronicles its story arc:

There’s a new Omni these days – Omnichannel marketing. Interestingly enough, in 2019 when online retail has reached 25% market share, Omnichannel is surging, and inclusive of all channels, including the lowly mall. The mall’s demise has been widely panned and probably overstated. It is interesting to see e-tailers like Amazon shifting into physical brick and mortar, buying old malls, and also being a big reason for the surge of Omnichannel. The ability to link all channels together digitally.

If you’re interested to read more about Omnichannel in 2019, check out this research done by BigCommerce: