The Metrics Starting Point

As Marketers and business leaders, we all have our means of measuring results.

But I need you to FOCUS right now!

Close the dashboards, log out of Google Analytics, shut down the Excel sheets and leave the P&L alone.

I need you to FOCUS on what you can control.

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Let me get to my point – Metrics can be of the Leading variety and also Lagging. Lag Metrics are what you see after the fact. They’re already done. And the sad truth is you can’t influence them – directly. I mean, unless you have a time machine and can also read minds.

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Putting your efforts into the Leading Measures is where you can actually have an impact. It’s not always easy to determine what those measures should be, but if you give it some thought, you’ll definitely be able to come up with 3-5 main drivers of your Lagging Metrics that you can pour most of your effort into – think Pareto principle here – ~20% of your efforts garner ~80% of your results.

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This is the unglamorous part of business. The day-in, day-out part that usually remains behind the scenes. However, if you keep chipping away at the Metrics that you can control, that also have a big impact on your Lagging Metrics, you will be maximizing your productivity and avoiding strategic failures related to inability to execute.

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