The Gap Between a Brand’s Personality and Customer Perception

How do Customers Perceive Your Brand? Do you know?

We develop our target markets and put so much into our marketing efforts.

But what is the end result? Are you LISTENING to your customers to find out?

If you did, you may find out some very surprising facts.

We create the Brand Personality and can even use Jungian Archetypes in the process. There is so much that goes into this process.

I recently conducted Market Research for a well-known brand. The aim was to give customers of the brand an opportunity to give feedback on what the Brand’s Personality is.

The responses were eye opening. Essentially, we found many customers on the fringes of the brand’s target market, but who were customers. The brand’s messaging, rooted in foundations of psychology, was hit-or-miss with our respondents.

As Marketers, we must be practical enough to recognize that this is an opportunity. However, we cannot leverage the opportunity without truly LISTENING to our brand’s customers.

This will inform tweaks to the Brand Personality. In turn, those tweaks better match what the Brand communicates with what the messaging signifies to its customers. These efforts may convert a casual customer into a raving fan. End result, better alignment, resonance and results to the bottom line. That’s a win-win-win!

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