The Billboard is on Fire!

When Mike Kappitt took over as CMO of Outback Steakhouse, he didn’t intend to cause a panic. He didn’t intend to freak people out and have them call 911. And yet, through his innovative billboard design and viral marketing campaign, he did just that…and more.

So maybe this falls under the adage of any publicity is good publicity.

He walks attendees of the Digital Branding Analytics Miami 2019 Conference through how he got national news coverage of a smoking billboard in the video below:

Mike says that Marketing is Math plus Magic. You can see in his executions that he walks the talk. A question he asks himself when he sees creative is how does it make him feel and what does it say. Well, in the case of the Outback billboard, it got a lot of people’s attention, so it obviously had a major impact.

Interested in seeing Mike’s full remarks from #DBAmiami Conference? Check out the full video below:

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