Show Me the Money!

When Hector Hernandez, aka Digital Kahuna, shared his insights on Digital Marketing at the Digital Branding Analytics Miami 2019 Conference, he was very explicit on one thing:


To quote Hector more precisely:

“Bring the conversation from the esoteric to money…money is the universal language.”

-Digital Kahuna (Hector Hernandez)

Hector is 100% on track with this. Working with a creative agency, it is easy to create and constantly augment wish lists comprised of nice-to-haves – but that may not be practical. Results matter. Budgets matter. Clients and stakeholders matter. Shiny objects are nice, but they are only one side of the equation.

So, the question/challenge is how to creatively solve marketing problems to yield the best-possible business outcome.

Want to see more of Hector’s comments at #DBAmiami? Check out the video below: