Remember to Market your Marketing Research

So you’ve done some Marketing Research. You made sure to: 1) Identify a Research Need, 2) Design a Research Study, 3) Conduct the Study, 4) Analyze the Results & 5) Share the Research Insights. At the outset, you did a thorough job to Qualify the need to conduct the Marketing Research to avoid wasting resources to solve a problem that a) costs more to research than the benefit is worth, b) would take too long to research vs the decision-making timeframe, c) can be answered using information available externally (industry websites, trade publications, white papers, Google, etc.) or internally (company database, sales/marketing team, IT, etc.).

You’ve immersed yourself in the data for weeks or months. You know all of the numbers inside and out. So you put together a beautiful presentation, get to the boardroom extra early to prepare, you have your lucky socks on. The C-suite and various other stakeholders file in. You deliver the presentation of your life. You feel the adrenaline pumping. You’re aliveeeeeee!!!! They are asking questions, nodding their heads, writing things down. You’re thinking to yourself – this is going even better than I imagined!

The presentation ends and there is a Q&A. All signs are pointing to an overwhelming success. Your work has been received well and it will help steer the company’s decision on a critical initiative.

Next thing you know, a week has gone by and you haven’t heard anything from anyone about your work. Then another week. And another. And a month. And then three.

What’s going on?

You finally work up the courage to approach the CMO to find out what happened. You have to jog the CMO’s memory, but they finally remember – nobody could understand your presentation. They had so many questions, but you were enthusiastic so they didn’t want to spoil your mojo.

What happened?

You failed to Market your Marketing Research. The final step in the Marketing Research process is crucial – you must share insights that are insightful to each audience you present to. Everything that you do before that will be a total waste if you fail in this last step.

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