Personal Mission…Statement

What are your intentions in life?

Do you know your purpose?

Is it stated somewhere?

Each of us yields incredible power over our destinies – but only if used correctly.

What is this (super) power? It’s the force derived from stating your mission to the world and pursuing it with vigor and tenacity. We are all capable of this and the end that it may produce is profound and world-altering.

Think of the world 10,000 years ago. In astronomical terms, it’s not even a blip in time. How far have we come? How about the last 100 years? People with a purpose have built up everything around us, on the back of personal victories small and large.

I urge you to consider writing your own personal mission statement. This will serve as a start for you unleashing your full potential – and a world where people achieve their maximum would be an amazing place.

Here is a link to help you write your mission statement: