Mind mapping your brand

In measuring brand equity, a popular qualitative research method is the mind map. It’s visual and facilitates communication of multiple layers of a brand’s attributes and responses of a specified target market.

When conduct a brand audit, it can be useful to conduct a mind mapping exercise, especially after prior research has been conducted. In this way, the mind map can serve as a highly-visual approach to coalesce disparate aspects of the brand and highlight connections that researchers may have previously missed.

In my case, the team had already identified the brand’s archetype and dominant personality trait. Further, we had brand users complete a survey and we conducted interviews to add context to the survey results.

We had some surprises along the way, but our prior work comprised much of the “heavy lifting” of defining our brand. However, we weren’t going to stop there, which is where the mind map gave definition to our previous findings.

This informs our brand positioning and is much-more aligned with how brand consumers perceive the brand. That is because we combined their feedback, with the aspirations of the brand’s communications – i.e. the message the consumer would receive in a perfect world.

If you’d like to try it out, why not give mindmup.com a shot – they have a free option. Here is my satirical mind map below – of course, you can create one less tongue-in-cheek, if you like!

Created on mindmup.com

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