Marketers’ Awesome Power (and Responsibility)

As marketers, we are driven to understand as much about our customers as possible to drive our efforts and hopefully create solutions that resonate and are successful.

However, while most businesses need some form of marketing, these efforts can also cross a threshold and cause more harm than good – both to the profession of marketing, as well as our customers and the businesses we represent.

Many take for granted the structure that is in place – most consumers haven’t had much reason to give it a second thought. However, with the increasing number of privacy breaches exposing more of the hidden side of the “free” services we use daily, the spotlight is on this business like never before.

How we respond will determine to what extent we gain back public trust. This trust is key to an ecosystem where our efforts can thrive. It is very likely that the business models that have gotten us here are in need of tweaks and/or overhauls to remedy the situation.

As marketers, we must be open to making necessary changes. Failure to do so would be a setback for marketing and a net negative for society in many ways.

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