Is Neuromarketing science fiction? No – it’s a Marketing reality!

If I told you that Marketers know what people want, you probably wouldn’t be surprised, right? From desiring luxury goods that make you feel a certain way, to being attracted to displays that grab your attention and pique your curiosity, we encounter these scenarios daily.

You may think a lot of this lives on the surface of your consciousness – that you’re in control and you’re making the decisions on what you like and what you dislike.

Well, Neuromarketing begs to differ!

There are countless subtle, underlying cues that trigger responses in our subconscious that influence our choices. Neuromarketers target our “buying brain”, also known as the limbic & root, with their efforts. This is the old, primitive lizard brain at the base.

If you think that this can’t be the case, consider that Neuromarketers use functional MRI (fMRI) or electro encephalography (EEG) to observe brain activity response to various stimuli and they have more than enough data to understand exactly how to target a message at our “buying brain”.

So, the next time you buy something that’s a certain color, or perhaps there is a specific scent being pumped at you, or maybe it’s an ad with a baby looking right at you, just know that some Neuromarketer spent countless hours refining a series of triggers to convert you from awareness of the product/service, to seeking information on the product/service to having a desire for the product/service to taking action – making a purchase!

Bingo – the Neuromarketer gotcha!

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