Influencer Marketing in 2019

Klear put together a report titled “The State of Influencer Marketing in 2019”, where they analyzed over 2M Instagram #ad posts.

They came to 6 top findings:

  1. Instagram influencer marketing grew by 39% in 2018
  2. 1/3 of sponsored posts are Instagram Stories
  3. 84.6% of sponsored posts were by women
  4. 84% of sponsored posts were by micro-influencers
  5. Brazil, Canada and Japan had the highest year-over-year (YOY) growth
  6. Lifestyle and Fashion are the top industries

That is quite a significant jump in influencer marketing from 2017 to 2018! Initially, I was surprised to learn that most influencers are women. However, when you connect the dots to Lifestyle and Fashion being the top industries leveraging influencer marketing, that perhaps makes sense.

This all goes to show how dynamic a marketing channel influencers are, with exceptional growth and also some tumult and upheaval that comes as part of marketers’ learning curve. For the right brands, influencers – especially micro-influencers who have deeper connections with their small tribes – this can have a huge positive impact on the business.

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