I Want You To Be Happier

Lately, I’ve Been, I’ve Been Thinking 
I Want You To Be Happier, I Want You To Be Happier

Don’t we feel like this with regards to customer satisfaction? Wouldn’t it be great for our customers to all feel “Happier,” kind of like that Marshmello/Bastille song?

One tool us Marketers have at our disposal is surveys (aka quantitative research). These simple 3-face kiosks have been present for a few years in venues from airports to stadiums. Users can give quick and easy feedback on one element they have encountered – like friendly attendants or value for price, etc.

However, you can also incorporate such graphical scale questions in your online surveys! Exciting, right?! The idea here is surveys don’t have to be without an element of fun for the survey taker. We still don’t want to overload our survey takers with too many questions, even in this fun format. Not requiring reading in the answer portion encourages the user to read the question as there is less burden on them to complete each question that’s formatted this way.

Ultimately, that could lead to a more-engaged survey taker, who provides a more-accurate reflection of their true feelings.

And as a Marketer, won’t that make you Happier??

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