Helping Hands

As my marketing program came to an end, I had a realization hit me – we truly are interdependent, social creatures. I was in the midst of deciding what to say in presenting my personal mission statement to my cohort.

“Embracing the path that leads to self-maximization, inspiring those around me, vivaciously sharing the journey with those closest to me.”

Personal Mission Statement

I couldn’t think of what I would say – I was not in the same mental/emotional place as when I created the statement. This truly bothered me. I had to think of something.

Well, the best I could do was think of a few themes that tied back to my mission statement and hope for the best.

It was my turn to present.

Oh crap.

Here goes.

What ended up coming out was authentic and I was surprised at how well I did.

I talked about taking a chance and betting on myself, but the realization was that it was because of my wife that I was able to do so. It’s very easy for me to see the negative in things and to exaggerate its effect in my mind. This can be a paralyzing skill. But, what happens when someone else helps put things back in perspective? Someone else helps show you that no matter what, the sun will rise tomorrow? It frees you from the self-imposed detention and allows you to flourish.

I am lucky to have someone like my wife to vivaciously share the journey with.