Gumption. Fearlessness. Leadership. The Makings of a Master Marketer

At the inaugural Digital Branding Analytics Miami 2019 Conference #DBAmiami, Joni Fernandez Marmo @joni1216 shared this from her extensive experience. Leadership comes in many forms, but gumption is often overlooked. It made me think of these scenes below from the movie Forrest Gump.


In this scene, Forrest – despite his mental insufficiency at times – exemplified gumption, fearlessness and leadership.


First, he went back towards enemy fire, coming across injured soldiers each time. He enacted his gumption to get them out of the jungle by any means necessary. He acted without hesitation, keeping his wits about him to ensure he led the soldiers, including his best friend Bubba, out of the jungle and in the RIGHT direction. Imagine if he had run into enemy lines.


Is Forrest Gump a marketer? In an odd way, yes. But most importantly, he is a fearless leader who gets things done, even without the natural gifts many of us take for granted. He is a doer and there is much to be learned from stories, even ones with such a caricature of a lead character. In this sense, the story connects back to marketing, as we are storytellers and we also have to ensure we remain connected to action, not just marketing philosophy.

See more of what Joni had to say below.


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