Going Above And Beyond For Customers

How far do you go in anticipating your customer’s needs AND in using that approach to exceed their expectations?


If you want to talk about bang for your buck, what does knowing your customer’s name AND using it actually cost you? How about sending a handwritten “thank you” note after a visit or a purchase? Think about it, what can YOU do to roll out the “red carpet” and make your client feel like the VIP that they truly are? Much of this costs PENNIES, but is worth its weight in GOLD.



In hospitality, there are instances of this all over the place – and much of what is done using human/soft skills costs next to nothing. It’s about having a servant mindset to the customer – what can we do to elevate them?


Our customers and clients give us opportunities to connect with them – why not use that opening to create an experience that WOWs them? Do that and see what type of loyalty relationship you develop.


Are you turning your Customer Service Pennies into Gold? For ideas on how to do so, check out this article.

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