Don’t Bite Your Tongue – Speak Your Audience’s Language

We must get to know our customers better than they know themselves. In order to communicate with them, we’ve got to speak their language.

This was re-confirmed in an Email Marketing A/B test I ran recently.

I was to send an A/B test to Millennials in a very unique situation – they were Marketing Masters classmates of mine. For this reason, I could operate untraditionally, but I also had a goal of surprising and delighting the recipient. After observing the evolution of emoji use in communication, I decided that if I was going to err, it would be in speaking my audience’s language. I crafted content that would resonate with my audience and promoted it through the Email Campaign. I used emojis in the subject line and provided topical content to the stressed students in the final 2 weeks of their semester.

The results were over 50% open rate and 25% clicked. Beyond that, I got so much feedback, including screenshots of content that resonated with my audience. This suggests that I was at least partially successful in my goal and was able to generate promoters who shared their positive feedback with a larger audience. 

One size does not fit all, so make sure you truly know the language before speaking it. Once you do, however, don’t hold back – don’t bite your tongue!

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