Customer Service Surprise?

We’ve all encountered customer service from the customer side, employee side, or maybe even both.

In hospitality, we are often trained to be empathetic to the customer complaint – to hear them out, diffuse the situation and then offer the best possible outcome.

A Harvard Business Review piece I saw came to perhaps an interesting conclusion on the customer’s preference for customer service representative disposition.

There are 7 different types of customer service reps:

  • Empathizer
    • 32% of all customer service reps
  • Hard Worker
    • Sticks to the rules
  • The Controller
    • Wastes minimal effort, is knowledgeable and maintains control
  • The Rock
    • Doesn’t take things personally – useful with upset customers
  • Accommodator
    • Offers compensation to diffuse situation
  • The Innovator
    • Interested in novel solutions
  • The Competitor
    • Doesn’t want the competitor to do better than them

Managers prefer hiring Empathizers. Perhaps surprisingly, customers score The Controller highest among the customer service rep profiles.

Taking it further, The Controller garners these results, despite requiring the least effort to achieve them. They are often overlooked by managers because they have more real-world experience and less formal education. This informs their resolution process and efficiency.

Surveys also indicate that they are willing to take similar, if not slightly lower, pay compared to other leading profiles. Controllers are also more likely than non-controllers to apply for contact center jobs. Yet, they are dead last in managerial preference.

The key to better customer service outcomes – from the customer perspective – may be hiding in plain sight. Learn more at the link below:

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