Best in Show…rooming

Online retail has been built up as the death knell of traditional retail. Certainly, the power and convenience of the channel cannot be ignored. However, much of these doom-and-gloom statements fail to factor in the natural swing of the pendulum to level things out to a degree.

For example, showrooming was emerging as a major threat to brick and mortar outlets, like Best Buy. The sky was falling, Chicken Little! But lo and behold, some savvy retailers doubled-down on giving a superior experience and began to offer price match to shortcut this phenomenon.


If left unabated, showrooming could have had a detrimental effect. But let’s not go overboard because we would be missing the counterpunches that savvy organizations can deliver.

To take it a step further, Generation Z has shown signs of being drawn more-heavily to shopping malls due to the ability to connect socially. A young, ascendant cohort revitalizing malls? The pendulum swings back…


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