And The Best Director Oscar Goes To…





All three are titans of film. They worked for decades honing their craft to perfection. They are responsible for some of the masterpieces of film.


And with free online tools, you can channel your inner Coen brother – pick one – and make a “masterpiece” of your own.



I chose Animaker, which is perfect for a YouTube In-stream video campaign. Animaker has a free version that is great – the main drawback being that you must share directly to YouTube – but you can always download it from YouTube after as a mp4 file. It’s an extra step, but again, it’s easy to overcome. Also, the Animaker logo remains in the bottom-right corner of the entire video. The main thing to keep in mind with the logo is to ensure that none of your animations, text, etc. gets too close to the logo as the logo will cover anything it touches.



Everything else is super intuitive – if you can use a smartphone, you already know how to make a movie in Animaker. The hardest part is likely selecting one of the presentation templates and molding it to your communication objective. For example, I chose the “Product Explainer” template for one video that I ended up using to drive clicks to an informational webpage. Initially, I wanted to provide more information in the video, but ultimately I decided that less is more and went with a streamlined narrative.


If you are looking to make a more in-depth video, you have to make sure you think very visually in terms of how you deliver your message. You cannot fit too much information on the screen for too long before it needs to move on in order to retain your audience.


The last piece was exporting to YouTube. Animaker says something like 95% of videos are ready within 30 minutes. My videos were rendered and uploaded to YouTube under 30 minutes each. However, a colleague of mine had a 4-hour upload time. So, if you need to turn something around really quickly, rendering and uploading could sometimes be delayed.


And with that, you have a beautiful video that’s sure to captivate any audience. Have fun!


Check out the videos below – let me know what you think!

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