Aim to Know and Fit to Sell

“The Aim of Marketing is to Know and Understand the Customer so Well the Product or Service Fits Him and Sells Itself”

Peter Drucker

I had the recent good fortune of happening upon an article by Tara Hunt, CEO of Truly. The article, “The Diminishing Returns of Short-Term Marketing Tactics” truly elucidates reasons to think long-term in our Marketing strategies and why it can be better to have a smaller audience that you can engage with more deeply.

When you take actions that broaden your funnel at the top, the resulting impact on the bottom is not guaranteed. In fact, you may cause more harm than good.

I connected with Tara and the Marketing Mantra she lives by is the Peter Drucker quote above. Encountering a professional with an experience-base that predates our current digital reality and speaks in a confident, engaging manner, is invaluable for an up-and-coming marketing professional.

I highly recommend looking Tara up on LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and

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