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Paris! by Gabor Szendrei
Paris! by Gabor Szendrei

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Our Story

Gabor's Story

Even today, he still has that imaginative spark; that lightning in a bottle that says anything is possible – Don’t. Give. Up.

Gabor has consistently ascended to leadership roles and he always strives to impart meaningful and lasting improvement wherever he goes. He loathes the fate of Sisyphus. Gabor is a strategic thinker who has vision, a constant creative spark, a determined work ethic and believes in ceaselessly improving incrementally. Combining these traits, Gabor is able to quickly break down complex challenges and develop unique results-focused solutions that incorporate others in an evolving process.

Jeff Giordano, seasoned Hospitality Leader, said Gabor is “the best we have in systems and processes,” and Adam Martinez, upon receiving the Founders Award, said, “I couldn’t have done it without…Gabor,” prior to inviting Gabor on-stage and splitting the $10,000 stock award with him.

The loves of Gabor’s life are his wife, Alina and daughter, Vera.

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